My Job

Having studied psychology, and specialised in clinical psychology, for many years I now run a private practice in North Brisbane, where I offer the skills and various therapies learnt to help you manage your own mental health.  

One day we will ALL recognise the need to take as good care of our mental health as we (mostly), do with our physical health – the two are much more closely entwined than we fully recognise. Here you will find Articles that focus on anxiety disorders, mood disorders, relationship problems, communication and emotional problems to name a few. 

There are opportunities here for you to ‘talk about’ issues that have affected you and your loved ones.  With your permission I am happy to publish such human stories – they will very often ‘say’ more to each other than sterile, repeated facts.

(Thought for the Day:  SMILE.  It has more power than any other response we might give today, sometimes if needed, it can also be the strongest weapon we have… )
Welcome to my website….